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Best Helping Guide To Select Baby Boys Shoes For Your Toddler

Posted by Admin on October, 09, 2021

Your baby boy's feet are growing and developing every day. Make sure you pick the best baby boy shoes in Kolkata. It is going to help in managing the healthy development of his feet. Pick the right size and style of shoes for your baby from Baby Boys shoe Manufacturer.

Categories of Baby Boys Shoes in Kolkata

Newborn babies need soft shoes. Choose a size providing enough room for your baby boy to stretch out his toes comfortably. If not, you will get to know when your baby cries due to its feet getting uncomfortable. Many styles of soft baby boy shoes are available for newborns.

Choose from slippers to soft sports shoes for boys.

Baby boy shoes are so popular available with so many different Baby Boys Shoe Exporters in the market.

A shoe is projected to protect and upkeep the foot while performing various actions. Shoes can also be carried as an item of decoration and fashion.

  • Chuck Taylor
  • Golf shoes
  • Hiking boots
  • Sneakers
  • Old skool
  • High-tops
  • Running shoes
  • Climbing shoes
  • Soccer shoes
  • Basketball shoes
  • Ice-skates

Basic tips before buying Baby Boys Shoes in Kolkata


The size of the shoes either for girls, or boys, is very hard to decide on. first, check by putting it on his feet to see if it fits in well or not and pick one ensuring that the baby is not feeling tighten.


Always confirms that the shoes you are buying are comfortable for the kid. Check it well to know that it is neither too warm nor too cold inside try to find the making technique that might have produced the shoes uncomfortable.


It should be held together very well to fight the strongest of spasms. No matter how the child jerks his feet or moves around, rubs the shoes roughly on the ground, it should not hurt the feet.


As you purchase shoes for your baby boy, you cannot overlook the fact that the shoes will be subject to all kinds of untidiness. Therefore, the top baby boy shoe manufacturers prepared the shoes with such material that can be washed and cleaned effortlessly.

Leading Baby Boys Shoes Supplier assure that the shoes are easily washable that continue to look neat no matter how poorly the baby treats them.


Shoes that cover up the feet completely, without letting any air go in should be avoided unless of course it is chilly wintertime and you need to protect the baby from cold. Shoes that cannot help feet breathe are not only tight to wear, but also cause swelling of the feet in critical cases.

The Construction

Shoes comprise four parts: upper, insole, outer sole and heel. Let us make it clear how beneficial they are.

  • Upper Part

The upper part of the boy's shoe is usually made with leather, canvas, or the newer mesh materials. As children's feet sweat massively, the upper part of their shoes should be made of breathable materials, such as mesh or canvas. Never prefer man-made materials, such as plastic.

  • Insole

Make sure the insole is an absorbent material. You may want stuffed insoles. Most children don't require special arch support. All toddlers younger than 16 months have flat feet. So, support is needed only to fully develop boys 6-8 years old.

  • Outer Sole

The outer sole presents traction, cushioning, and versatility to the shoe. Don't use very sticky and dense outer soles as they may cause stumbles and falls.

  • Heel

Toddlers do not require heels on their shoes. Flat outside soles make it more comfortable to begin walking. Children should not wear shoes with heels, or they should not be too high, as tall heels can cause the foot to slide ahead and cramp the toes against the inside of the shoe.


When selecting a shoe for your baby boys, check for a shoe with laces, straps or fasteners to help fix the shoes on their feet. Shoes that untie easily will cause an accident while making the kids slip and fall. Check for shoes that provide solid tightening with a comfortable and easy to use strap or fastener.

Qualities of a good Baby Boys shoe Manufacturer

  • Use high-quality raw material for all types of shoe manufacturing
  • All types of designs and coolers must be available as the boys are very selective
  • Affordable pricing offers for wide variety shoes
  • Easy return policy with transparent business dealing

Find best Baby Boys Shoes Manufacturers in Kolkata to get most comfortable shoes in budget price.

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